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Business Add-Ons

    Package Deals
  Bring in the Money

Smart salesmanship involves more than just writing up a sales slip when a customer is ready to buy. So take a look at your sales staff and train them in ways to double or triple sales by using the  “add-on” technique.

Stay alert to chances for add-ons and your company could increase average sales by 25 percent or more.

Add-ons have always been the modus operandi for auto dealers; As soon as the customer says, "I’ll take it," the salesman offers to throw in extra features like an extended warranty or deluxe wheels for a "bundled" price.

Or take a tip from the car wash that offers bare-bones service for $8 but throws in a wax and vacuum job for an extra $4.
Most customers choose the package deal.  For them it's a better deal and for you, it's a more profitable sale -- and a better value.

If you operate a service station, for example, offer a discount package deal for an oil change and a tire rotation. Your overall profit margin percentage will be lower but your profits will pick up as more and more customers opt for the additional products and services.

Better yet, they’ll walk away knowing they got a great deal with plans to come back for more. Ronald J. Cappuccio, J.D., LL.M.(Tax) 1800 Chapel Avenue West Suite 128 Cherry Hill, NJ 08002 Phone:(856) 665-2121 Fax: (856) 665-9005 Email:
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